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5 Essential Tips for an Initial Divorce Consultation with a Lawyer

Always consult a lawyer, even if you are in a dilemma or you have already made up your mind to divorce your spouse.

Please don’t ever rely on any messages or information which you obtained from social media such as Facebook. If you act pursuant to those unverified and unreliable source of information, you may eventually ruin your case.

Schedule an initial divorce consultation with a lawyer. It is very important as you are going to obtain professional advice so that you can make an informed decision about potential changes to your family dynamic.

Therefore, in order to make the best use of your time and money, we have made a list of the following to let you come prepared for your consultation with a lawyer.

Initial Divorce Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

1# Ask how much is the consultation fee

A lawyer takes his/her time out of his/her busy schedule to go through your documents and analyse your case with you. 

Different lawyers may have different charges for a consultation. 

So always ask how much is the consultation fee and whether do you need to pay in advance so that to secure an appointment slot for a divorce consultation with a lawyer.

2# Think and write down what do you want

Keep yourself calm and think about what do you want. 

Try not to make any rash decisions.

More often than not, you need to decide on whether you want to divorce your spouse, or merely contemplating for a separation.  In the meantime, you have to consider how parenting arrangements may look into the future. For example, who shall take care of the children, who shall pay for the children’s expenses including their educational fees, medical costs etc. Bear in mind that, welfare of the children should be the first and paramount consideration.

List down all of them and discuss during your divorce consultation with a lawyer.

3# Prepare a chronology of events

Recall your memories. Put in writing about what happened to your relationship with your spouse.

What are the incidents that led to breakdown of your marriage? This may be due to infidelity of your spouse, lack of communication, monetary issues, your spouse’s abusive behaviour and so forth.

Jot down each and every incident with the key dates. Please put a note on it if there are any supporting documents for a particular incident for easy reference.

4# Gather documents that you think might be relevant to your case

Bring along all the documents or evidence which you may have on hand and easily obtainable to the consultation session, including:

1) Your Identity Card;

2) Your Marriage Certificate;

p/s: The duration of your marriage must be at least 2 years. However, if your marriage is less than 2 years, you may seek permission from the Court to allow you to file a divorce. In such event, you must prove that there are exceptional circumstances and the Judge is satisfied with your reasons and evidence adduced by you.

3) Your children’s Birth Certificate and/or MyKid;

p/s: The terms in the divorce papers will only cover the children who have yet to reach the age of 18.

4) Sales & Purchase Agreement, the house title, bank loan statements (for immovable properties);

5) Car registration card, bank loan statements;

6) Financial documents such as Savings Passbook, Fixed Deposit slips;

7) Police reports (applicable only if you have lodged a police report, for instance, where your spouse surreptitiously takes the child away or incidents of violence);

8) Medical records (usually relating to injuries caused by domestic violence);

9) Photographs (proof of injuries sustained during violence by your spouse or evidence of your spouse having extra-marital affairs);

10) All the papers in relation to your case which you have engaged previous solicitors to file in the Court.

5# Always make a full and frank disclosure

Never ever hide any facts from your lawyer.

Share it out although you opine that the information is trivial or you feel embarrassed to mention.

Even if you think that piece of information is not favourable to you, always inform your lawyer early, so that he/she can help in tackling it and not to be taken surprise when the matter has proceeded in the Court.

All your information provided will be kept confidential by your lawyer, unless it has to be used to prove your case in the Court.

Lastly, request for a quote if you intend to hire the lawyer.


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